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 Sending your manuscript to an appraiser is a daunting prospect. Zacton Press aims to build writer confidence and offer assistance in as many ways as we can. We will read your work and provide constructive feedback. You will have the opportunity to discuss your ideas, your concerns, and any other aspect of your writing. Rather than only provide you with an appraisal, we provide you with ongoing support.

A manuscript appraisal is especially useful to new writers and an asset to include in a submission package when you approach a publisher or agent. An appraisal can help in the development of your novel, including providing you with a detailed four to six page report in regards to plot, subplots, characters, writing style and possible markets.

Zacton Press also offers an editing and an eBook format service.  Please visit the page links for more information on these.

We offer highly competitive rates and all fees are charge in Australian dollars (AUD) 



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